pdf reader: rotated view possible?


is it possible to turn the pdf from normal view to landscape mode, i.e. to rotate the pdf.

In my pdf there are tables on some pages which are printed in landscape orientation, and it would be nice if I could switch the viewing mode inside the zotero pdf reader, as it is possible in other pdf readers.


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    Yes, from the View menu, or by pressing R/Shift-R on the keyboard.
  • Thanks. I didn't realized, that the menu changes in the pdf reader.
  • @dstillman
    Is it possible to rotate only one page or more? I mean that only some pages needs to rotate.
  • @Bebetter: That's not currently possible. It would perhaps be more fitting for a PDF editing function. There was also a related request for the ability to delete pages: https://github.com/zotero/zotero/issues/2457.
  • That's a shame, I would also like to be able to rotate just a single page.
  • In the latest Zotero beta, we've added the ability to rotate (and delete) individual pages in the PDF itself.
  • Thanks for adding this function!

    I think the PDF page rotation labels could be improved.

    Currently, the labels are:
    Rotate 90°
    Rotate 180°
    Rotate 270°

    I'd like to suggest the following instead:
    Rotate 90° clockwise
    Rotate 180°
    Rotate 90° counter-clockwise

    A shorter alternative could be:
    Rotate 90° ↻
    Rotate 180°
    Rotate 90° ↺
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    Rotating and deleting individual pages is now possible in Zotero 6.0.9 from the thumbnail tab of the PDF reader sidebar.

    @qqbb: Yeah, we can do better than the current labels.
  • @dstillman do you think the reader could also add pages? This can be useful to add a missing cover or to add a blank page for further remarks and handwritten annotations?
  • Hi, I'm a little confused on how best to rotate pages. At one time (I think about a month ago), I could rotate using a keyboard shortcut, simply pressing R, on a Mac. Now, that doesn't seem to work. And it looks like the preferred way to rotate is page-by-page in the left sidebar. I must say I liked the keyboard shortcut. Is there a plan for another keyboard shortcut for quick page rotation? Thanks for the work on this software.
  • @mdg711: The View menu option and keyboard shortcut performed a view-only rotation, without modifying the PDF file. We've removed that now that it's possible to properly rotate pages in the PDF file itself.

    Since this actually modifies the file, I don't know if we'd have it triggerable via just a keyboard shortcut, but we can consider it.
  • Makes sense. Thanks.
  • I liked the rotate view option- it allowed me to rotate my laptop and read it like a book, without modifying the pdf. Can we bring it back?
  • I'd also prefer to keep the shortcut for view-only rotation. It's quicker than editing individual pages in the PDF. There are also cases when you don't want to edit the PDF file. For example, if there's a figure in a paper that can be viewed in two orientations, it doesn't make sense to keep editing the file.
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    +1 to last comments. Rotate pdf pages by editing them is quite slow. Both options (view-rotate and edit-rotate) could be allowed simultaneously. Further, rotating multiple pages simultaneously would be a plus.
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