Bulk export of formatted references

Is there a way to export multiple references in formatted form similar to the output obtained when using the Copy Bibliography command?
  • What's wrong with the Create Bibliography from selected items command? That works for any number of items.
  • I want to export a very large number of records-100s. Will that work?
  • Absolutely, yes
  • Is there an automated way to export groups of references in the "Create Bibliography" manner? (The references to be exported would be in consolidated in a single group.) Does the Zotero API help with this?
  • Might be easier to just describe what you're planning to do rather than ask the questions piecemeal -- but yes, the Zotero (web) API can output formatted references, which, together with some scripting, could be used to automate bulk exporting in various ways.
  • Thanks for your help and sorry about the piecemeal questions. I hadn't initially anticipated that I would be asking about the API.
  • Talking about the API is still talking about solutions -- I think adamsmith wants to know what larger problem you are trying to solve before talking about how to solve it (or parts of it).
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