Thesis item type

What is the Type field used for in this item type?
  • The type of thesis. "PhD Thesis" "Doctoral Dissertation" "MA Thesis" etc.
  • Thanks! That is what I thought but wanted to confirm.
  • the Thesis type gets printed out as "Ph.D. Dissertation" in my bibliography, but I want to cite an undergraduate thesis. Which Type should I use?
  • Which citation style? This may be hardcoded in the style.
  • Sorry my last post was vague. This is when exporting to a .bib file.

    More specifically, here are the reproduction steps:

    1. In the Zotero UI, select "Thesis" in the dropdown menu for my item type.
    2. Export it to the .bib file.
    3a. Expected: it shows as "@thesis" in the .bib file.
    3b. Actual: it shows as "@phdthesis" in the .bib file.
    4. Construct a bibliography from that .bib file in latex using "\bibliographystyle{ACM-Reference-Format}" (the reference format required by my venue), and the citation says "Ph.D. Dissertation".
  • If you are writing with LaTeX, you should install the BetterBibTeX plugin and using its Better BibTeX or BetterBibLaTeX format. It has more sophisticated export of the myriad types of .bib theses
  • Is an undergraduate thesis different from a bachelor thesis?
  • No those are the same. Sometimes they have additional qualifiers like “Honors thesis”
  • But honors could be Ba or Ma, right? I've added undergrad as an alias for a bach thesis.
  • edited August 25, 2022
    @bwiernik, thanks for the suggestion. To clarify, I already have BetterBibTeX installed. My earlier posts describe the behavior of Zotero with BetterBibTeX.

    It sounds like you are hinting at some feature of BetterBibTeX that would enable me to differentiate between different kinds of theses? If so, could you please give me more detailed instructions on how to configure my export settings so I can create an item that will be exported to .bib with the type "@thesis"?


  • @warwickmm is right. Set the Item Type to "Thesis" and then enter the thesis type in the Type field.
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