Feature request: pin item to the top of the list

edited November 21, 2017
It would be great if single or multiple entries in a collection could be pinned to the top of the list (and thus “made sticky” like in an internet forum).
This would be useful for entries that are needed often, that have notes the user would like to read or work on frequently, or that the user wants to be reminded of.
This feature would be an addition to existing sorting schemes like title / creator / date etc.
  • I don't think we'd do that — not really enough gain for the additional complexity it would add in lots of places. Your best bet is probably to designate a particular colored tag for this purpose, and when you want to see those entries in a given collection you can just click the colored tag in the tag selector.
  • Okay, I’ll stick to that
  • It might be worth revisiting this idea, since the option to pin is becoming pretty standard, such as on Chrome, Firefox, etc., where you can pin tabs. I think many people would find it very useful, although I understand what you mean about the additional complexity.
  • I was also just looking for this. But rather than pinning items, my idea was to make collections pinnable. This is sortof possible already by creating a saved search. However, the saved searches appear at the bottom of the sidebar, meaning that they lose their advantage as quick-access items on the menus as soon as you have many collections open. Perhaps it's possible to move the pinned searches to the top of the sidebar with some simple CSS/HTML hacks?
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