Problem with "Show items from subcollections"

I am using 6.08.

"View", "Show items from subcollections" is not working in any predictable way for me.

Sometimes having it unchecked hides all of the items in subcollections (though rarely), sometimes only some, and sometimes none. The behavior remains consistent for specific folders, but varies across folders.

Checking and unchecking does not seem to alter the behavior. Re-starting Zotero does not seem to alter the behavior.

Thanks, Tom
  • Are you sure items actually aren't in both top level and sub collection? Have you checked the web library?
  • Ah! I had created sub-collections and dragged items into them, expecting them to then only be in those sub-collections rather than also the parent.

  • If you want to move, rather than copy items to other collections, press command on Mac/shift on Windows while dragging the item.
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