PDF printing won't print annotations and highlights

I am using the internal PDF reader and making use of the highlighter and annotator. When I attempt to print the annotated PDF, none of the highlights and annotations are on the printout. How can this be fixed?
  • This is not implemented yet, although is planned. For now you can do File → Save As and print the exported PDF with your default PDF viewer.
  • I'm with Zotero 6.0.6 in windows 10.

    I want to print a pdf with some highlights and comments, if I do File → Save As, I can open the saved pdf with Adobe and I see all the highlights and annotations correctly but if I try to print it the markups do not appear/are not detected (selecting "Document" or "Document and Markups" from the menu gives the same output). It seems that the Zotero's annotations are visualized by Adobe but not recognized as markups?
  • @Alb That's a good point. We'll fix it.
  • Alb
    edited May 10, 2022
    Maybe this open issue is related?

    "Allow to print with annotations"

    I just realized that probably you are actually the same person... Nice to squaring the circle
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