Feature request: Smoother zooming in PDF viewer

I really like what has been achieved with the latest update. However, the zooming in and out is a bit staggered. Also pinch to zoom on my trackpad isn't working miracles. If it would be possible to fix this, this would be great.
  • I agree with the request, but I suspect that it is not trivial to implement, as it seems to be a general problem with PDF.js, also affecting the built-in PDF viewer in Firefox. Those folks seem to have been aware of this for a while, but haven't yet fixed it either: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1659492.
  • Aw I forgot about it being PDF.js. Yeah, that makes sense. Is PDF.js particularly easy and lightweight to implement? (just curious for the rationale)
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    Also auotmatic 2-page view or multi page view would be nice to scroll through documents.
  • @coelen Those already exist. You can enable 2-page view by choosing "Even Spreads" or "Odd Spreads" from within the View menu bar section. Multi page view can be enabled by choosing "Wrapped Scrolling" from the View menu and then zooming out.

    Regarding the rationale for PDF.js, I would speculate that it has to do with PDF.js being open-source and with Zotero being based on Mozilla Firefox, which PDF.js is mainly developed for.
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    On 2 page: Sorry, I meant that I want those by default. Now I have to set that view for each pdf I open. As for wrapped scrolling. Can I change the default setting?

    Edit: Aaaw I found wrapped scrolling now. Awesome!!!

  • I would also like to see this.
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