Double Citation

I have the same article, that it's only once in my library and when I cite the same article two times in the same document zotero assumes that they are different ones and insert a completely new citation.
How can I solve this? Help :(
  • Is all the meta data the same? (Especially the name...if it is at all different it will show up as two different authors.)
  • It's the same, even in the citation they appear the same:

    " iv C.A. Rabec et al., ‘Leak Monitoring in Noninvasive Ventilation’, Archivos de Bronconeumología ((English Edition)) 40, no. 11 (November 2004): 508–17,

    ix C.A. Rabec et al., ‘Leak Monitoring in Noninvasive Ventilation’, Archivos de Bronconeumología ((English Edition)) 40, no. 11 (November 2004): 508–17,"
  • Just checking... are all the et al.s entered the same way?
  • I believe I don't know how to see that.
    Because I only have one reference of this article in my zotero's library, so they are the same...
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    Sorry. I missed the "only once in my library."

    You'll have to wait for someone more knowledgeable than I to resolve this.

    Edit: Oh, I suspect they will want to know what citation style you are using.
  • Thank you, just tried everything in the deleted items and the problem persists.

    I made a new word and inserted the citations again and the problem still there... It must be a problem from library, right?

  • Could you say more.precisely what you tried in a new document?
  • New word document, the same text, copy, paste phrase by phrase when there is a new citation I inserted with zotero, but when I cite the same article the second time, zotero assumes that's a different one, not putting again number ii, but starting a whole new number iv with the same information as the number ii.

    I checked zotero knows is the same document, the attachment is the same...

    Thank you so much for your patience and help! :)
  • Oh, I think you may just be misunderstanding your citation style. Try switching to Vancouver, for example.
    Footnote/endnote styles always number sequentially
  • I'm using Chicago Manual of Style - 17th edition full note. I'm using endnotes, but when I switch no footnotes the problem persists.

    When I switch to Vancouver they just put numbers instead of titles, weird...
  • Use Vancouver and add a bibliography. What you want is a numeric bibliography, but endnotes
  • The issue is that you have subcollections and the same article is registered in several subcollections. You have to keep referring to the same article first cited in order to have one article only quoted once.
    When the exact same article is in different subfolder of zotero, it is considered a distinct article by the programm.
    (Thanks to your post, I found the answer. I struggled with it for several weeks)
  • To be accurate, an item can be in multiple collections. That does not make it separate items at all. It actually makes sense that a user would want to associate one single item with multiple headings, topics, etc.

    The problem is that you may actually have two items. It does not matter what collection they are in. You can even have duplicate items in the same collection. As long as they are separate items, Zotero will treat them as distinct items.

    The issue usually arises because Zotero does not detect existing duplicates as you add to your Zotero library. There is ongoing work to avoid this from happening, which will help. For now, you can always go to your Duplicate Items collection, and merge them, which will solve the issue.
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