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Since Zotero 6.0, the column containing the counter on google scholar citations is no longer working.

I have seen in the Add-ons Manager that the Google Scholar Citations plugin is no longer compatible with Zotero 6.

Does anyone know if there is an addon similar to Google Scholar Citations for Zotero 6? If not, I am looking forward to it! If not maybe I will switch back to Zotero 5.

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  • Currently not. Google Scholar Citations is deprecated, so that won't update. You can look at which I'd guess can be updated quite easily; good chance you can even do this manually yourself if the maintainer doesn't get to it.
  • Thank you, adamsmith. I feel like dvdsosa. This Google Scholar Citation plugin is essential for my work flow. Could you please post the link to the last 5.x version of Zotero (for Windows) so that the plugin runs again?

    If technically at all possible, it would be great to give users the option to run deprecated plugins (at our own risk) in newer versions of Zotero (6.x). Thank you.

    Zotero is the best!

    but as I say there -- this is a bad idea if you want to do this for longer than a couple of weeks to finish a project. Things will stop gradually stop working & break left and right.
    For most add-ons, just updating the max version in the install.rdf file and re-zipping is all you need.
  • Yes, I hate to do this. Would it be impossible for the Zotero developers to update the Google Scholar Citation plugin? Or perhaps add an "exception" so that it will load in Zotero 6? I know many colleagues that use and love that particular plugin.

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    I actively maintain a fork of eschnett's repo that also combines the google scholar citation plugin. You can see it here:, or download the the latest release.
    I'm not a good programmer but the plugin gets the job done quick with no big problems.
    It can only do google scholar, crossref, inspire, and semantic right now. Information goes into the Extra field and the citation count goes in the Call Number column for filtering. You can read other features and info in the readme.
    Issue reports and suggestions are welcomed.


    Alternatively, to modify a past plugin to work in the new Zotero version, all you have to do is unpack the .xpi and change two files: install.rdf and update.rdf, so that it reads:
    As mentioned before, do this at your own risk. (I did do this for eschnett's 1.2.0 version and there are no big issues other than that some functions don't work.)
    Edit: Disclaimer about the diy
  • Not Google Scholar citation count, but just in case you want a compatible add-on that provides some citation count, consider scite:
  • @Gurdas_Sandhu I love scite. But after they patched it recently (due to the upgraded version), there is no more custom columns right?
  • I am still seeing these five columns: Supporting, Contrasting, Mentioning, Total Distinct Citing Publications, Total Smart Citations (I use this).
  • Thanks for the reply!

    I thought that scite will automatically have those columns displayed after I installed it lol.
    mb, I see it when I rightclick to display those columns. Thanks.
  • Please don’t put the citation counts in Call Number. There is a reason that they were removed from there in previous versions of the plugin. For sorting, put the citation count at the beginning of the Extra field, ideally with a prefix like “GS: “
  • This fork of a fork of a fork of the original Google Citations plug-in works so far
  • Thanks. Trying it now. Any known bugs/issues (other than throttle)?
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    Hello. I made a docker container to update Google Scholar citation count in the background.
    [Here is URL]
    There is no good solution for reCAPTCHA yet. But I'm sharing it in case it might be helpful to someone. I intended to make this background worker competible with justinribeiro's plugin(
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