Can't find column picker in Zotero 6

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    ... after numerous problems with zotero 6.0 (mainly not being able to succeed in having zotero-connector saving items to zotero-standalone-client from either FireFox or Chrome) I have been successful in getting things to work by ensuring all of my zotero-connectors are updated in the various browsers and installing zotero 6.02 and building a new sync'd version of my local database from my online-zotero-account. So annoying, but now all good!

    However, I have one problem remaining, which may have been alluded to above is that in the main-window my "column-selector" icon is missing, so I can't view Better BibTex citekey there, but as usual I can see it in Info Details for individual items that I select from the main-window. So Better BibTex seems to be doing it's usual good job. Because that "column-selector" icon is missing, I can't view any other standard fields that I want my want, like Date-Added etc.

    Whether, this is applicable to others reporting here or not, for me it appears that the missing "column-selector" is the problem.

    The DebugID associated with this post is: D323816700

    Thank-you in advance for any advice.
  • The citekey column is actively added by BBT, so if that's missing, that's something I should fix.
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    @emilianoeheyns ... ta, but my main point is that I can't get to any other columns as the zotero main window "column-selector" icon normally appearing on the far right is missing ... so I'm thinking this might be for @dstillman but I don't know ... (unless BBT is causing that whole icon to disappear?)

    eg. at the moment, I only have "Title", "Creator", "Date", "Date-Modified", "Attachment-icon"

    Previously, on Zotero I had the same plus the "Column-selector-icon"

    ie. "Title", "Creator", "Date", "Date-Modified", "Attachment-icon", "Column-selector-icon"

    So, I can't add *any* different column, even standard (non BBT) columns like "Date-Added"

    Thanks again ...
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    @Lamorak: You have to right-click on the column headers in Zotero 6 to access the column picker.
  • @Lamorak those don't look like BBT errors.
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    It was just a misunderstanding. The column picker moved in Zotero 6 and is available via right-click on the column picker. @Lamorak was looking for the old icon.
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    @emilianoeheyns ... sorry to have bothered you in the other discussion-thread, but I had wondered if other people's issues with BBT citekey were the same as mine with the column picker. It's not, as per Zotero 6.0.3 (, as you have seen above with @dstillman clarifications ... I just have to right click on any header in the main window ...

    @dstillman ... Thank you for clarifying my misunderstanding on how to get to the "column-picker" in Zotero 6.0.3 !!!

    Thank you all ...
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