Include doi and list all authors instead of et al

Hi, I am trying to insert a bibliography using Zotero. The closest style I need is Nature, but I need the doi or url to be included with every reference. I also need all authors included, no matter how many there are. Is there a numbered style that does this?
  • I think the easiest way would be to make your own modified version of the Nature style.
  • Thanks, but I don't know anything about writing / altering codes. It would be easier for me just to do the reference list manually.
  • ok, thanks I will have a look
  • Just had a try at this with the visual editor - I'm no expert but I was able to add the DOI using the visual editor - search for nature at the top and click edit when you find it.

    Steps I did, you can try:
    -Expanded "Bibliography" then clicked on the "Group" entry
    - Clicked the plus button at the top of the tree view to add node
    - Selected "Text:
    - In the options at the bottom I changed "Type" to "variable"
    - In the variable menu chose DOI.

    This seemed to work. Then make sure to change the name of the style in the info section (so you don't override the orignal nature style), then click style menu - save style and it should let you download it. The only thing I ran into was that when i clicked download nothing happened, it might be a Firefox thing, might download fine in Chrome.
  • That worked! amazing, thank you. I downloaded and installed the edited style. Only problem is when I made some more changes I can't download it a second time... maybe I will restart and try again
  • ok, I managed to make all the edits I wanted to the style and download it. Working perfectly now, Thanks a lot!
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