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I have made a zotero start button in my quick launch (winXP) using the new zotero://fullscreen mode. I wonder if someone could help me make a zotero icon than I can use in the quick launch?
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    There's an icon at http://www.zotero.org/favicon.ico

    Not sure of the res though - there might be a higher res than 16x16 embedded into it?
    (EDIT - looks like there's a 32x32 and 16x16 embedded in the same ico file.)

    For my purpose, I use the Firefox add-on Favicon Picker 3.
    It gives you an option in the Bookmark Preferences to specify your own Favicon.

    Tell it to use http://www.zotero.org/favicon.ico

    Works great for a shortcut on the "bookmarks toolbar".
    I've already got a go-to "Z" up there!

    If you want to make your own, IcoFX worked well for me (it's free).
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    Thank you but I am no able to use that icon

    winXP tells me favicon.ic contains no icons.

    gaah why can't my work just let me use linux.
  • Yeah I get the same error. Hmmm.

    Maybe it needs to be saved slightly differently? That IcoFX program saves in a few different formats...
  • you can try typing:


    into your address bar, which will bring up the original extension icon (in .png format)
    then tyou can try converting the png to ico if you like (use irfanview or any other program available for that matter)

    hope it works:)
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