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  • Why do am I no longer able to 'copy and paste' any picture [.jpg] in neither the attached amazon link tab of a new book entry nor in an additional note created for this particular book entry? Thus the beloved function of 'copy and paste' a 'jpg' image no longer works in 6.0 as it did in the previous version? Why? Would you please give me an alternative on how to insert book cover images in Zotero 6.0? Thank you very much. Bruno P. Gebarski, Hamburg, Germany
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    If you're referring to images in notes, Zotero 5 didn't support images in notes at all — the fact that it worked at all was a fluke, and it broke syncing.

    Zotero 6 officially supports images in notes — you can drag them in. They're saved as attachments and count against your file storage quota. It's not currently possible to paste in images but that's planned.
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    So, I can't take a screen shot of a diagram and Ctrl-V it into a note? I need to first save it and then drag or use the button?

    Edit: Oh, I almost forgot... Zotero 6 is great! Thank you!

    Edit 2: Asked and answered: . Is pasting planned?
  • Sorry, correction: pasting images from the web is already supported in the new editor. It's just pasting image files from the filesystem, which before only semi-worked by accident on Windows (and still broke syncing), that isn't.
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    I'm very curious about this myself, as pulling screenshots of important images or graphs is one of the main things I do with electronic notes. Typically I do this to MS OneNote and then have to print to pdf and attach the pdf in zotero, so I'm very curious about the new system as a better way.

    Right now, I was _not_ to able screenshot an image to windows Clipboard and ctrl-V into a zotero note.
    I use greenshot, I select Clipboard output, and then ctrl-V does nothing in a zotero Note.
    Is that expected? Is using the Clipboard for images on the radar?
    (I understand if that is a longer term question with everything going on . . . just getting this in here)
  • ah -- maybe already answered here, being
    no, pasting doesn't work yet --
  • Unable to insert pictures by copying and pasting pictures, the inserted pictures are too small because they cannot be enlarged. Hope aopy and paste work again.
  • @BeautyG How are you inserting images if copying and pasting doesn't work?

    Can you show a screenshot demonstrating those too small images?
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