2.0b7 - Wow

I'm super impressed.
The new plugin looks wonderful, some of the bugfixes and improvements look really good, but most importantly:
The speed improvements are incredible! It seems like Zotero sped up by a factor 4!

Very excited about the file storage, too, will try that out asap.

Thanks a lot, this is really cool!

(btw. dev team: what happened with my style commits from yesterday? 5072, 5075 5076?)
    It's SO much quicker!!!

    I'd started to take the slowness for granted (with 4000 items), but now it's like Zotero on drugs! Autocomplete is lighting fast, just navigating and adding and everything are nice and quick, and I did a 900 item RIS import in just a few seconds.

    It also looks nicer (in windows) - the new highlighting on mouse-hover over things is cool, and the space-saving tweaks are useful.

    My only miniature issue was the all default styles being reloaded, but it only took 10 secs to get rid of them again.

    I'm looking forward to finding all the new features in the next few days, trying out the new word plug in and especially the file storage.

    Thank you so much to all the developers! You guys are a wonderful bunch! Now go have a beer and celebrate!!
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    thank you! now it seems that we can sync th attachments to zotero servers as well - this is excellent, thank you all!

    edit: one very minor issue (if it is an issue) is that the mac interface seems to have leaked to the windows version -if this is not done intentionally: the 'author' add/remove icons (+/-) in the info tab seem much larger than the previous tiny +/- indicators. While these may have been implemented on purpose, I personally loved the tiny indicators as more in line with the general xp interface.

    Also I see the "tags" button is gone as you can expand the tags from bottom - a non-issue but I loved that tiny button..(sigh..)
  • Now Zotero is running like speedy gonzales, I was noticing some other performance issues.
    I've fixed all these problems by 'downgrading' to Firefox 3.0.14.
    The old FF versions are here

    Sounds like lots of folks are having speed issues with FF 3.5 - and Mozilla are supporting 3.0 for another few months, so I can wait 'till the issues are ironed out...
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