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in my company (engineering consulting and technical reports, several hundred employees) we are looking into introducing zotero.
So far, the feedback (by the test-group) is quite positive. However, people really want the citation to be hyperlinks pointing to the bibliography (and back).

So far, we are using (hand written) numbered lists as bibliography. This way the "citations" are automatically hyperlinks. Alt+left jumps back from the bibliography to the citation.

Is there any way to introduce a feature like this into zotero?

Who do I need to talk to?

thanks a lot in advance
  • Hi,

    Is there a chance for progress in the direction of hyperlinks to bibliography (and back)?

    I think, this would be a real benefit for the user.

    Would a bounty (https://www.bountysource.com/) help?

  • Just so I'm understanding the "and back" part correctly -- that's not actually functionality to be implemented, correct? That just relies on the alt-left function working like a browser's back button.

    For the hyperlink functionality, would a well-working Word Macro work, or do you need this fully integrated in Zotero and also working for LibreOffice?
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    I cannot say how the alt+left thingy works technically. As long as it brings me back to that part of the document, I came from, I am happy. ;-)

    We do not use LibreOffice.

    However, our costumers do not get our word-reports but generated pdf-versions. Would a Word Macro make it into the pdf?
  • I've seen pdf documents where the citation indicator (number or author-date) is a hyperlink to the appropriate item in the reference list. This is actually quite common. I've also seen pdf documents where a click on the reference list item will take you back to where that item was cited in the narrative (if one to one) or, if the item was cited multiple times, to the first instance with the others indicated by marks in the left-side thumbnail bookmarks. I've wondered how the ref list reciprocal links were accomplished/programmed. I guessed that involved doing this link-back by hand during the final editorial production process.
  • As for PDFs -- that wouldn't matter, the end product is the same. The main downsides of the macro approach would be that it's less tighly integrated in Zotero and would have to be installed separately (by placing a .dotm file into Word's startup folder).
    I think it'd be nice to build this into the word processor add-on itself, but I at least don't have the skills to do that.
  • Hi,
    I am not 100% sure what you mean with regards to pdf: With the macro-approach, will there be links in the pdf?
    I agree, inegration into the add-on would be super-nice. However, placing a file somewhere (as long as it does not have to be updated on a weekly basis) sounds also like a working solution.
    Who would I need to talk to for this?
  • Hi,
    I am back from vacation and highly motivated to work with Zotero :-)

    Has there been progress on the link-to-bibliography-issue?
    What can I do / Who can I talk to in order to find a solution?

    (We would like the bibliography markers, say [42], to be hyperlinks pointing to the bibliography. By pressing ALT+Left, we would like to jump back from the bibliography to the original position in the document)

    thanks in advance
  • Using that macro would be the place to start. Depending on your needs, it'd require either a lot of just minor modifications to be reliable (e.g. if you're just going to use numerical styles, this will be pretty easy. If you want it to work for all styles, including author-date, it's hard.)

    As for your question above -- yes, the macro approach will transfer to and work in PDFs, too.
  • So far, I have not coded any macros. Could someone give me a hint where to start reading?

    Also interesting: Is there someone out there who would do this for money?
  • Could you answer the question re: how flexible this needs to be with respect to the citation style? Is just numerical OK or does it need to work for author-date and footnotes?
  • sorry, for the late reply, I missed your question.

    numerical is totally fine for us! No flexibility at all is needed from our side in that respect.
  • Is there any hope for links on numbers? ;-)
  • I'll be working on related code shortly, will let you know.
  • YES! Looking forward :-)
  • Hi,
    me again ;-)
    is there news on the hyperlink-to-bibliography issue?
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