Increase Number of Color Tags Allowed

  • Any chance to add more colors?
  • Hi - thanks for this great program, I like it a lot & I think I will be using this a lot!!!

    Is there a reason there are only 9 colors? I was highlighting in Adobe which has the possiblity for a lot more colors, but htey were getting grouped (green + light green, for example)

    I tried increasing then number of colors in the code, by editing it as instructed by the site:

    I found the color section and increased the number of color steps (though not with great naming)
    // define color category based on HSL
    if (l < 0.12) return "Black";
    if (l > 0.98) return "White";
    if (s < 0.2) return "Gray";
    if (h < 15) return "Red";
    if (h < 30) return "RedOrange";
    if (h < 45) return "Orange";
    if (h < 55) return "YellowOrange";
    if (h < 65) return "Yellow";
    if (h < 85) return "YellowGreen";
    if (h < 125) return "BrightGreen";
    if (h < 155) return "MintGreen";
    if (h < 170) return "Green";
    if (h < 180) return "GreenCyan";
    if (h < 190) return "Cyan";
    if (h < 230) return "RoyalBlue";
    if (h < 270) return "Blue";
    if (h < 300) return "Lavender";
    if (h < 335) return "Magenta";
    return "Red";

    I also changed the labels in the options
    {"Black": " #000000", "White": " #FFFFFF", "Gray": " #808080", "Red": " #FF0000", "RedOrange": " FF5500", "Orange": " #FFA500", "YellowOrange": " #FFD500", "Yellow": " #FFFF00", "YellowGreen": " #AAFF00", "BrightGreen": " #00FF00", "MintGreen": " #00FF80", "Green": " #00FFAA", "GreenCyan": " #00FFEA", "Cyan": " #00FFFF", "RoyalBlue": " #0055FF", "Blue": " #0000FF", "Lavender": " #AA00FF", "Magenta": " #FF00FF"}

    I can install zotfile & it is recognized as such, but no longer extracts highlighted annotations, even when I toggle the color options to false.

    Anyway, it still works when I re-install the original file, so I can go back to only 9 colors if what I am trying is not really feasible.

    Thanks for your suggestions!
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    @saris_anne Do I undstand correctly that you were able to increase the number of allowed colored tags to an arbitrary amount? Could you perhaps give more details on what you achieved and how you did it? :)

    @adamsmith For me, 9 colors is actually plenty. The only thing I really need is to have more than one tag of the same color. People could, for example, use orange tags for all the different classes they teach. So when they see an item with an orange dot, they know it was used for teaching and if they want to, they can click on the item to see the specific class (=tag) it belongs to.

    In my case, I would use orange tags for all the items that I already cited in a text I wrote in the past and green tags for items that I have cited already in the context of a WIP. Then, when I'm done writing the current WIP, I can convert all the green tags to orange tags.

    For this to be reasonable, it's necessary to remove (or make customizable) the feature that all colored tags stick to the tag selector by default. The display of the tag list could be much improved itself (even just reducing the top and bottom margins would do a lot), but that's another topic.
  • more coloured tags please.
    I use 30 something tags with a kind of a hierarchy and need to do it somehow, colours would be the best solution, not 30 plus colours, I can use same colours for various of the tags. for instance 9 are same level, 10 other level and so on. What I need is to be able to address a greater number of tags with colours already there
  • I agree with @andreygirardi and @G-Radiation on this, there should be an ability to assign different tags with the same colour. I have just discovered I can't currently do this and think it needs to be changed. I'm glad others think the same
  • I agree with @SCockerill, allowing us to put different tags under one unique color could allow to make "sub fields" or "families" of references, which could be very helpful. Don't know if 9 colors is plenty, maybe we can add some more.
  • Analogous to colors (in my mind), I wish there was a way to tag items (to rate their importance to me) in my library using 1-5 stars.
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    Maybe make tags = "1X", "2X", "3X", etc. Those would sort to the top. This would be great if "1X" was your best rank.

    I haven't tried this but maybe you can create tags with 1 to 5 asterisks.
  • Agreed with above. Currently tag color is the only visual guide on the items. It can still be 9 colors, but several tags should be able to share a color.
  • Agreed with the many others above, please remove the limit on number of coloured tags, or at least give us a tickbox in the edit tagging dialogue to do so.

    My current use case involves inserting emojis to represent different topics, such as a salt shaker emoji for salinity, a ladybug for macro-invertebrates, and so on as it suits. But those emojis only show up next to list items if they have a colour assigned, and nine topics only is extremely limited for many of the sciences where there are so many topics to examine.

    If it is beyond the scope of Zotero development to change this system though, do you mind posting or linking a guide to edit this in the code in our own user instances?
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