Sets of colored tags

edited September 16, 2023
Colored tags are very nice, but limited in their use as you can only have 9 colored tags. It would be nice to extend their capabilities by providing different sets of colored tags, with the ability to switch between them. This would solve a common request of having more colored tags, still keeping it efficient and better organised.

In different contexts, different sets of colored tags may be needed. For example:
- Star system for importance
- Reading state of the paper
- List of topics relevant for a specific project
- ...
Nine colored tags are clearly insufficient to cover all of them.
A shorter list of colored tags in each set would make them easier to use.

Finally, we don't always need to see colored tags. They can actually hide useful information in collections where they are not used. So, with the ability to switch between sets of colored tags should also come the ability to hide them.
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