Giving indivual users access to institutional account


My lab has just purchased an institutional plan on Zotero and I've been charged with giving people acess to it. Once I add the e-mail adresses to the user list, what happens next ? Are the individual users supposed to receive an invitation by mail ? Will they have to log-in with their existing accounts or do they have to create a new one ?

Thanks and sorry if this has been answered before. I did a quick search on the forums but couldn't find anything.
  • Adding emails to the list does not trigger an email. If they already have a Zotero account with that email address it will immediately get the unlimited storage.

    If they registered a Zotero account with a different email address, they can add additional addresses to their account from the account settings ( and the storage will be added to their account.

    They should only register a new Zotero account if they've never registered one before.
  • Thanks for your answer! I'm going to add their different email adresses to the user list in that case.
  • I'm getting some questions from some of the users that I've added to the lab account's user list.

    What happens if a person has already paid for unlimited storage on their own account? That's what I did (on my personal account), so for example, can I now remove my credit card information from my individual account?

    What happens if one day the lab stops paying for the unlimited storage? Will the individual accounts just stop syncing?

    Thanks again.
  • As long as a Zotero account is covered by a Lab or Institution subscription, the individual storage subscription will not be charged again.

    Each Zotero account belongs to the user that registered it, even if it has storage supplemented by a Zotero Lab or Institution subscription. Users can bring Zotero accounts that they already had, as well as keep the Zotero account and their data after your subscription ends or they leave your organization.

    If they leave or you end your subscription and they still want to use their Zotero account, they can either stay at the free storage level, or purchase a new plan.
  • Thanks a lot for your answers, it's really helpful!

    Some of the users on the list are afraid they might lose their librairies lol, I'm trying to reassure them that such a thing is very unlikely to happen.
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