Giving indivual users access to institutional account


My lab has just purchased an institutional plan on Zotero and I've been charged with giving people acess to it. Once I add the e-mail adresses to the user list, what happens next ? Are the individual users supposed to receive an invitation by mail ? Will they have to log-in with their existing accounts or do they have to create a new one ?

Thanks and sorry if this has been answered before. I did a quick search on the forums but couldn't find anything.
  • Adding emails to the list does not trigger an email. If they already have a Zotero account with that email address it will immediately get the unlimited storage.

    If they registered a Zotero account with a different email address, they can add additional addresses to their account from the account settings ( and the storage will be added to their account.

    They should only register a new Zotero account if they've never registered one before.
  • Thanks for your answer! I'm going to add their different email adresses to the user list in that case.
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