Microsoft Teams

Does anyone use Zotero within Microsoft Teams to share collections or libraries? Any suggestions on the best way to set it up?
  • I want to do the same. Just adding myself in here if anyone shows up with ideas.
  • If by teams you mean the Sharepoint/Onedrive for Business functionality that underlies it; using ZotFile, you can probably set it up so that all attachments are linked into a Onedrive-shared folder. If you mean using the webdav that they claim Sharepoint supports: my experience with their webdav implementation is that it's incredibly finicky, but it was a few years ago since I tried.
  • I recommend setting up a Zotero group library:

    Then, you can use the Zutilio plugin. This adds an option to "Copy Select Item Links" to the right-click menu. You can use this to copy a link to the item in your zotero library that you can share in Teams conversations.
  • Curious if anyone's had any further info on pulling zotero into Microsoft Teams
  • I do the same as bwiernik suggests - I use Zutilo to paste items in our group library into conversations. I paste SharePoint links into Zotero for some files that need to stay in that system. I’m not sure what further integration you are suggesting?
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