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Does anyone use Zotero within Microsoft Teams to share collections or libraries? Any suggestions on the best way to set it up?
  • I want to do the same. Just adding myself in here if anyone shows up with ideas.
  • If by teams you mean the Sharepoint/Onedrive for Business functionality that underlies it; using ZotFile, you can probably set it up so that all attachments are linked into a Onedrive-shared folder. If you mean using the webdav that they claim Sharepoint supports: my experience with their webdav implementation is that it's incredibly finicky, but it was a few years ago since I tried.
  • I recommend setting up a Zotero group library:

    Then, you can use the Zutilio plugin. This adds an option to "Copy Select Item Links" to the right-click menu. You can use this to copy a link to the item in your zotero library that you can share in Teams conversations.
  • Curious if anyone's had any further info on pulling zotero into Microsoft Teams
  • I do the same as bwiernik suggests - I use Zutilo to paste items in our group library into conversations. I paste SharePoint links into Zotero for some files that need to stay in that system. I’m not sure what further integration you are suggesting?
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    Echoing joycekwc; my organization uses a Zotero group library and we use Select Item Links provided by Zutilo to link others to specific Items. My problem is that Teams (nor any other program that I've tried) does not recognize the Select Item Links as links, so they do not become clickable hyperlinks. I've even played with manually creating html a href links in Gmail without success. Does anyone know how to create a hyperlink from a Zotero Select Item Link?
  • You can manually insert a link in a Teams message by clicking the Chain Link icon on the right end of the text formatting bar (make that appear by clicking the icon with an A and a pencil in the lower left of the text box if not shown)
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    Yes, but Teams (and the same feature in Gmail) throw an "Invalid URL" error. Seems they're expecting "http://..." and don't recognize "zotero://select/..."

    Edit : ha, even the parser on this page automatically tries to hyperlink that http bit, but isn't interested in the zotero address.
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