WebDAV support in zotero for iOS

I’d love to use this project in different devices.However,there is a problem when I read Pdf on apple.I couldn’t read the pdf in the WebDAV in Zotero for iOS beta.I try to use PaperShip ,but it not worked.
So I just want to know if there could have WebDAV support in the future.
  • We're planning to support WebDAV on iOS.
  • As there is no +1 button or upvote option consider this post a thumbs up for this feature request.
  • yes, this is a feature I am missing the most. without it the app is useless for me.
  • Same here. This feature is very much needed for iOS app to be useful for me.
  • Same here. +1
  • Great app so far, but as already mentioned it's basically useless (for me) without WebDAV.
  • @dstillman could you please confirm to us that we can move to Zotero storage just by clicking on a synced computer and then we will be able to switch back to webdav when it is available for iOS? I am planning to do it, not only I want use iPad for reading, but I wish to participate in the beta testing. Absence of webdav on ios beta kind of prevent me from testing the ios app at all.
  • Love the new app!! Great job, and thank you!!

    I just wanted to say that I, too, need the WebDAV for full functionality.
  • YES webdav is a great feature that keep me using zotero
  • Same here. +1
  • Same here +1
  • Same here +1
  • Same here +1
  • I add my +1 too, since I can't really use it without WebDav support. Great job as always :)
  • +1. Great app! :)
  • Same here +1
    Any alternative choice?
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    Given the high cost of an iPad (I know because I'm typing this on one) and the relative low cost of Zotero storage [I know, some WebDAV is 'free' but is it really(?)]; given that the purchase of Zotero storage is a primary mechanism for supporting the continued improvement of Zotero; and given how Zotero is itself invaluable to our work; I wonder how people who own iOS equipment can in good conscience not pay for Zotero storage. There are countless requests here for help when one of the WebDAV systems goes awry. By comparison Zotero's storage works extraordinarily well. I accept that students everywhere and professionals in some situations need to spend only what is necessary. However, most of us who can afford to use an iPad or iPhone can pay for Zotero storage and help to sustain this software.
  • @DWL-SDCA in my case it's a matter of principles. I don't pay for anything related to my work, it must be my employer who pays. They pay for computers, for iPads, for Mendeley, and they have set up a corporate webDAV service. I can pay for software from my grant, but I'm not allowed to pay for online storage. It's utterly stupid but that's how it is. I asked the Zotero people whether they could bill for software, not mentioning online storage. They said no, so I can't do anything.
  • I guess WebDAV is a must feature for the ipad app. This feature makes the app powerful and should not be compared as an alternative for Zotero cloud. On the other hand, supporting developers is another important discussion topic.
    Here are some ideas:
    - iPad app must have the webdav feature :)
    - the app does not have to be free. However, instead of a yearly subscription-based billing scheme, one-time payments should be considered.
    - another alternative: the fundamental part of the app can be free, but if you want to use some features like WebDAV you may be asked to pay one-time payment.
    - Like "beorg app", the donation part should be available for those of us who want to donate.

    Remember that, this software is widely used across the world. Not everyone is living in a developed country. This yearly subscription-based mechanism is too expensive for people living in developing and underdeveloped countries. However, if the price is determined per country as netflix, amazon prime and spotify apply for their pricing policy, then, I guess it is reasonable.
  • Just to note that the 2nd post in this thread is by Zotero's lead developer:
    May 31, 2021
    We're planning to support WebDAV on iOS.
    Y'all are wasting your time arguing about this...

  • > dstillman
    > May 31, 2021
    > We're planning to support WebDAV on iOS.

    looking forward to it - already love the ios beta app !
  • looking forward to it...
  • They are working on it. Several WebDAV issues were filed on https://github.com/zotero/zotero-ios/issues
    Can't wait to see this and work with PDFs on iOS.
  • WebDAV support is available in the latest build. Please start new threads for any issues.
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