WebDAV support in zotero for iOS

I’d love to use this project in different devices.However,there is a problem when I read Pdf on apple.I couldn’t read the pdf in the WebDAV in Zotero for iOS beta.I try to use PaperShip ,but it not worked.
So I just want to know if there could have WebDAV support in the future.
  • We're planning to support WebDAV on iOS.
  • As there is no +1 button or upvote option consider this post a thumbs up for this feature request.
  • yes, this is a feature I am missing the most. without it the app is useless for me.
  • Same here. This feature is very much needed for iOS app to be useful for me.
  • Same here. +1
  • Great app so far, but as already mentioned it's basically useless (for me) without WebDAV.
  • @dstillman could you please confirm to us that we can move to Zotero storage just by clicking on a synced computer and then we will be able to switch back to webdav when it is available for iOS? I am planning to do it, not only I want use iPad for reading, but I wish to participate in the beta testing. Absence of webdav on ios beta kind of prevent me from testing the ios app at all.
  • Love the new app!! Great job, and thank you!!

    I just wanted to say that I, too, need the WebDAV for full functionality.
  • YES webdav is a great feature that keep me using zotero
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