PDF Annotation: Inking

  • I would like to second the desire for Apple Pencil on iPad. Thank you, Zotero team, for developing an iOS app.
  • agreed! Is it being looked into? Do we have an ETA? I use Papership in the interim so i can get the inking feature if you wanna look into that!
  • +1! I am loving the app so far but GoodNotes inking really is so helpful. I’m also a fan of being able to customize the ink colors/snap lines to shapes/lasso and move text.
  • +1! I am loving the iPadOS app but I hate to download and send it to another app just for inking.
    All the freehand writings don't have to be extracted into annotations/notes - I am more than willing to type the important ones later. It would be a lifesaver just being able to jot down some thoughts while writing. I would be more than happy to pay for that feature (maybe as an in-app purchase so those who don't want it could use the basic zotero functions for free). I would prefer to be able to view the inking with the pdf, but also being able to extract the pdf as a clean file in case I need to share it with someone.
    Thank you for developing an iOS app and I look forward to more great features!
  • +1 for inking annotations. Freehand circling, arrows, equations, sketching, even writing the occasional v. short note is really really useful.
  • +1 ! Would be a great feature to have.
  • + 1 for inking annotations!
  • +1 for inking annotations.
  • Please please please yes
  • +1 for inking annotations!! I'm loving the beta iOS app, but will have to figure out another alternative if this feature doesn't eventually make its way into the app.
  • Great work. +1 for inking annotations!! Please!
  • Another paying customer here asking for ink annotations to be added to the iPad app.
  • +1

    This is an essential for the iPad app. If I cannot draw things into figures of an article or take handwritten notes in the margins of the paper the app would become useless. Without inking, I could keep reading articles on my screen in a much healthier posture using a mouse to highlight text. Thanks for your great work on the app so far, I love the look and the scrolling modes.
  • I too would LOVE if it was possible to uses the pen in Zotero (Beta) on a Windows tablet. However, while inking would be nice, the main thing I'm looking for is the ability to highlight with a pen, just as I can do with a mouse. Why does the pen not work for all mouse functions in Zotero, when it works in almost all other applications?
  • +1

    This would be so helpful as would a wider range of colors.
  • +1. This should be added.
  • +1, It will be great if it still under the native pdf support. hope there's an option to switch those note visible or not.
  • +1
    I really like the iOS app so far but this feature would make it a millions times better in my opinion
  • +1, the lack of this feature currently is the only reason I don't use the app
  • +1, ability to use ink would be super helpful.
  • +1, would love this function
  • +1 for tablet pencil support!
  • I would add my voice to the need for tablet pencil support, and being able to write/highlight when the PDF hasn't been OCRed.

    I'm a historian, so work with PDFs of archives and my workflow would be made so much simpler if I could highlight and note these within zotero. I know a lot of other colleagues in the same boat.

    Reading anything that's been scanned from print (archives, older articles etc) means that an OCR layer is unlikely.

    This would be an absolutely fantastic feature on a great platform. Without hyperbole, it would revolutionise my research and reading.
  • Agree with all the previous comments that adding Apple Pencil support would be great on iPad. The entire magic of reading on it is the ability to draw freely with Apple Pencil just like on a regular paper with a pen. Besides that great work done with the app.
  • +1. Being able to draw on the pdfs would be the main reason for me to use the app!
  • +1 - I currently use zotfile to send to tablet for annotation in pdfexpert and was so looking forward to the new iOS app where I could potentially draw on the pdf directly. App works great otherwise though
  • +1 Most requested feature
  • +1 (this feature would also be a good enough excuse for me to buy an iPad, haha)
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