PDF Annotation: Inking

  • +1 for Linux inking support. Currently using Zotero + Xournal++ which works but means all of my annotations are stored separately.
  • +1 for inking on windows. So many people in academia use MS Surfaces.
  • +1 for inking on Android, from a boox max ereader user
  • +1 for inking on windows! Would happily pay for this feature
  • +1 for inking on windows (surface etc). Recently made the switch to zotero 6 and the inbuilt pdf reader is so good. This could be the cherry on top with possibility to switch it on and off if the ink goes over the text of the document for readability.
  • +1 for inking on windows. Would like to pay for this feature as well!
  • +1 please make this feature!!!
  • +1 I use both an ipad and my laptop to read PDFs and being able to see my inked notes on my computer would be a game changer!
  • +1 for Windows! It's a breakthrough for surface users!
  • @cryditi: You already can see ink annotations you make in the iOS app in the built-in PDF reader in the desktop app.
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