Zotero subgroups

I've looked through other threads, but I haven't seen this specific question - is it possible to create subgroups with different members/permissions from the main group?
note that I don't mean collections. for instance, let's say I work at a research center. I would like to create one group for the whole research center, with subgroups according to topic. research group A, for instance, should not have access to research group B's subgroup/collections and vice versa.
I would like to have everyone in one master group for the sake of the few shared collections there are and for the sake of organization. is this possible?
  • Subgroups as a concept don't exist, but I don't think I understand how a "subgroup" would be different from a separate group?

    In other words, why can't you just invite everyone to Group A, one subset of people to group B, another subset to group C, etc.?
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