Zotero pluggin for OnlyOffice

There is a great alternative to Libre Office on Linux and it is OnlyOffice. Where Libre office have compatibility issue with .doc and .docx, OnlyOffice has less or none. At the moment there is no pluggin for zotero but there is space for one !
Is it possible for the Zotero team to work on one ?
Thank you :)
  • No, sorry, we have no plans to work on that. Someone else could create a plugin using one of the available integration protocols.
  • Dear user and Olivierduso,

    Kindly I would like to inform you that we are interested in the idea as mentioned in the OnlyOffice forum: https://cloud.onlyoffice.org/viewtopic.php?p=25515&sid=9e2913c3e2ba960c2e2228665df273b2#p25515
    Although I would willing to do the programming, I much rather work on my research project. Thus, if there is someone interested in the doing the programming and testing together I would be happy to look for the means to realise an agreement.
    My team of researchers would also be interested in getting the WebDav function working for OwnCloud as to improve productivity.

    If you as a user are interested or wish to contribute please comment below.
  • Hello,
    I am using Onlyoffice and I am very happy that it comes with the Zotero-Plugin.

    I created an API key, my library is now connected with Onlyoffice.

    Unfortunately, I can only add bibliography from my own library, but not from my group libraries.

    Is there a way to solve that?
  • @Marlenvw: OnlyOffice integration is provided by them — we don't have anything to do with it — so you'd have to ask them for help.
  • Dear Marlenvw, dstillman and member,

    OnlyOffice has now a pre-installed plugin with Zotero and seems to work. In the coming days, I will test the plugin and system as a whole.

    "Unfortunately, I can only add bibliography from my own library, but not from my group libraries." You should be able to see the group library by first creating a new API key. On the new page under specific groups, you could select the group that you are part of. Could you let me know if that resolves your issue?

    The Zotero - OnlyOffice plugin allows only for a connection to your Zotero account and not to a Webdav server or the local Zotero application/database. I think that might be a point of improvement but overall I would use Libreoffice and OnlyOffice (preferred) gladly.
  • Dear members,

    Kindly I would like to inform you that I have tested the pre-installed Zotero plugin in OnlyOffice. The connection to Zotero seems to work well and you can insert a bibliography by selecting literature. To my knowledge, you cannot insert yet citation - first - and - second - then create a bibliography on the basis of what you cited.
    I am thinking that API or plug-in is simply missing features and less likely that something went wrong in the integration process. Would somebody be able to correct me?

    I posted comments also on the forum of OnlyOffice: https://cloud.onlyoffice.org/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=16398
    and Github: https://github.com/ONLYOFFICE/plugin-zotero/issues/19

  • Hopefully this will be done soon! There are not just missing features, it is missing it's core features. I do not use Zotero to create a bibliographic entry, in a citation style I do not use. Client interaction is fully missing.
  • @Wallenstein I am not following what you are saying your issue is. The ONLYOFFICE plugin isn’t made by Zotero, so if it has issues, you would need to raise it with them.
  • Now that you guys managed to make a very successful release with version 6.0 I would also like to add my +1 to request an OnlyOffice plugin.
    Compared with LibreOffice, it offers a much better look, better support for Microsoft .doc formats and it is growing quite well.
    If there was a Zotero plugin I would probably replace LibO with OnlyOffice.
  • @"Pedro Rosmaninho" There is an OnlyOffice plugin for Zotero that OnlyOffice has made (https://github.com/ONLYOFFICE/plugin-zotero).

    For some reason it looks like it will only add an entire bibliography and not let you add citations at a specific point in the document, and then work out the numbering at the end.
  • The OnlyOffice plugin isn’t really feature complete at all. It really doesn’t do much more than you could achieve manually copying bibliography entries from Zotero directly.

    This is the issue they use to track progress, but proper Zotero support doesn’t seem to be a priority for them
  • Yeah, I was considering changing to OnlyOffice, but their awful Zotero integration ruined it for me.
  • what a pity!
    I only use a local Zotero application/database.
    They have an equation editor unlike softmaker's TextMaker, which has a much better Zotero Plugin
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