Zotero pluggin for OnlyOffice

There is a great alternative to Libre Office on Linux and it is OnlyOffice. Where Libre office have compatibility issue with .doc and .docx, OnlyOffice has less or none. At the moment there is no pluggin for zotero but there is space for one !
Is it possible for the Zotero team to work on one ?
Thank you :)
  • No, sorry, we have no plans to work on that. Someone else could create a plugin using one of the available integration protocols.
  • Dear user and Olivierduso,

    Kindly I would like to inform you that we are interested in the idea as mentioned in the OnlyOffice forum: https://cloud.onlyoffice.org/viewtopic.php?p=25515&sid=9e2913c3e2ba960c2e2228665df273b2#p25515
    Although I would willing to do the programming, I much rather work on my research project. Thus, if there is someone interested in the doing the programming and testing together I would be happy to look for the means to realise an agreement.
    My team of researchers would also be interested in getting the WebDav function working for OwnCloud as to improve productivity.

    If you as a user are interested or wish to contribute please comment below.
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