PDF reader: ability to add tags to an item in pdf view

edited April 8, 2021
I don't see a way to add tags to the item in the pdf view--that's when they are usually added, while reading the PDF, because it's while reading that you learn what a text is about. I have to go back to the library, search for the item, then add a tag, then go back to continue reading. If, while reading, I happen to add another item from the footnotes, I have to go through the same process all over again to add the second tag. It is infuriating. Please add this feature.
  • I have felt the same experience. I vote for this addition.
    Thanks, dev team.
  • Yes, we'll add this.
  • Thank you!!!
  • Looking forward to this, thanks!
  • In this discussion, it was suggested to also add access to the list of related items in the right pane when using the PDF reader. The current "Related" tab in the library viewer shows item titles only. A more verbose presentation of the related items could be helpful in my opinion. For example, author and year could be shown in a second line, in a format similar to that of the new note browser ("Item Notes").

    Besides the lists of item tags and related items, a list of the parent item's attachments would be great. Such an Attachments pane already exists in the Web Library. For parent items with multiple attachments, one could then switch to another attachment without a detour to the library viewer.

    I'm not sure about the UI for these Tags, Related, and Attachments lists. Currently, the library viewer and the PDF reader use different UI elements. In the long run it might be better to have a uniform UI for the right pane in both the library and PDF viewers. So perhaps all these additional lists could use new toggle buttons as in the PDF reader. If you're reading a PDF with the right pane closed, you could then press the Tags toggle button to edit the list of parent item tags. This might be clearer than having to first press the Item toggle button, then selecting some Tags submenu.
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