Modified citation warning showing different citations

  • I encounter this bug, very annoying. The problem also is that you have to force quit if you have a lot of citation (you have to click "ok" an hundred time). You also have no access to zotero do compare with zotero proposition with your datbase. I would provide screenshot, but this forum do not allow this... :/ :/ :/

    My word document has the auto refresh disable. Doing a refresh do not create this message. BUT when I add the bibliography it does.
    I check the field code of some of the citation, I do not spot a difference from one that I just created to compare. Perhaps it has to do with using locator (page number) in the citation.

    On of the message cited my original citation as (Beer 2004, 861) and modified as (R. Heilbroner 1994). Those two citation have nothing to do together, they cannot be the result of a merge neither. They are simply unrelated.

    I'm using Zotero 5.0.97-beta.20+83a12bca8 on MacOS with latest version of MS Word but encounter this with stable version too.
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    On other possible things to look at, I had this problem when I generated my bibliography in the "middle" of my document with some text containing citation after the bibliography (that I use as temporary working draft and part I'm unsure I will include).
  • See the debugging broken documents, particularly step 10.
  • It's still somethings that should never happens. And like I say, the citation doesn't seem broken according to the field code in the document (right click, display field code). Same ID, but then zotero seem to completely lose track and propose a random citation.
  • @gagarine: The point of Step 10 is to isolate the problem so that you can send us a document excerpt that would let us actually fix any bug that exists.
    I would provide screenshot, but this forum do not allow this
    You can upload a screenshot somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive) and provide a link here.
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