Items imported through extension not available on iPad beta

Hello. I got the iPad beta app running (looks good on a quick explore!) but I am not able to see the PDFs for journal articles I added through Ebscohost and the chrome extension. I have no problem accessing and annotating them within the latest Mac beta. I can access other PDFs (magazine clips from ebscohost and the items I brought over from Mendeley). In the error log D1640615327 I show this by first showing my full library to show some items okay and others with ? But then searched for a term (onboarding) that I know will bring up the recent ebscohost import. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug? Thanks.
  • To be clear, you're saying that some items aren't showing up on the iPad, not that some files won't open (with a '?'), right?

    There's a bug in the current version of the iOS app where when you use the share extension (e.g., saving from Safari) without having used the app in a while some remote updates can be missed. That will be fixed in the next build. If you've used the share extension, I'd guess that's the issue.
  • Sorry no. actually I see the items on iPad but I can’t open some of the PDFs (with a ?). I accessed the same files on my Mac app earlier today with no problem. The items (and files) were obtained with the Chrome Connecter
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    That generally just means the files aren't available in your online library.

    Files Not Syncing hasn't been updated for the iOS app yet but it gives the general idea.
  • Problem fixed. Apparently I ran out of cloud storage. Upgraded and things look good after syncing across devices. Thanks!
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