iOS beta: Some items not syncing

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    Same here, iphone doesn’t sync items added on ipad and macbook, but items added on iphone sync fine. Debug ID D687486970 (the debug is from iphone)
  • @erazlogo: But those items not appearing on the phone show up in the web library? If so, can you try to capture debug output for the first auto-sync from the phone after adding an item elsewhere? (The auto-sync should start a few seconds after you sync the other device.)
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    Debug ID: D50335786
    Steps to reproduce (at least what i did while recording this debug log): force quit zotero on iphone. Go to macos and add a bunch of items from the browser. Make sure they sync to ipad. Go to safari on iphone and add an item via share button. Open zotero on iphone. The item added via safari will be synced but everything added on macos will not appear. Go back to macos and add an annotation to one of the files that did not sync. Make sure it synced to ipad (i opened pdf in ipad to see the annotation). Eventually this changed record will be synced to iphone but all the others will still be missing.
  • Oh, that's definitely a bug. It looks like when you add an item via the share extension without having used the app recently it can cause some remote updates to be missed.

    We'll fix that for the next build, and have it pull any missed updates. Thanks for letting us know.
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