iOS Beta - Library not fully syncing

On my Mac, using the beta desktop app I moved 50 records into a new folder.

On the new folder and files are synced. On the beta iPad app (99) the folder and records are synced. On the iPhone beta (99) the folder is there but has seven records, the others remain in the previous folder.

I have manually synced, hard quit the app, restarted the phone etc. Only one new file has synced, after I opened and annotated a PDF on the iPad, it then appeared correctly on the phone.
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    Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync from the phone?

    Click Back in the left-hand pane, go to your settings, Debug Output Logging, Start Logging, and then go back to the items list and pull down on it to trigger a manual sync. Then submit the debug output and post the Debug ID here.
  • Hard quit the iPhone app after turning logging on.

    Made changes on the iPad:

    Opened and “moved” a record from Folder A to Folder A
    Opened and moved a record from Folder B to Folder A

    Opened the iPhone app D2057334897
    Both records synced but no others of the other 40 that are present on the iPad but absent on iPhone.
  • @dkiesow: We believe we've fixed your issue and should have a new build out tomorrow that addresses it. (I've split off the other report because it's a separate issue.)
  • @dstillman Amazing. Thanks.
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