Suggestion :)

I would like to make a suggestion here, I hope this is the right place.
A friend of mine a professional panflautist (Andreea Chira) is getting more and more sheet music and compositions from composers, musicians and fellow teachers. She would really need something to organize this.

After all, Zotero can already integrate videos and sound recordings - why not sheet music too?

It would need to add the main category "sheet music" first, plus maybe fields like:
- category (symphony, quartet, song,...),
- type of sheet music (single voice, score, piano reduction,..),
- number of movements,
- instruments (piano, orchestra, quartet, piano & soprano,...),
- genre (classical, pop, rock, film, ...)
maybe you should ask other music teachers and musicians for suggestions, who already dealt with these problems.

Much of what Zotero already offers (author, page number, year of origin, rights, publisher,...) would also be valid here.

I mean, this would be a useful extension of a great concept, for which actually almost everything is already prepared.
  • A “musical_score” item type is in CSL and will likely be added to Zotero 6. You can already specify an item to be that type by entering this in the Extra field:
    Type: musical_score
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