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We use the standard iBog(r) in Denmark. Its not a e-book and not a website (as it is an oeuvre). We find it difficult to use the "types" presentet in zotero. How do I move forward if i would like a new type to choose from? I am a digital business developer at the biggest publishing house in Denmark. We are in close contact with educators and students across our country. Hope you can help me. Thank you. Carina Korterup, Denmark
  • What is an iBog?
  • Hello - its an internet based book. You can read about it here:

    you can see that APA has included it here:

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Kind regards
  • APA treats this exactly like an ebook, though -- why shouldn't Zotero? What needs to be different about the citation?
  • Using internetbooks at the upperlevel education system in Denmark is still new to many. The reason why this brand of internetbook is different is that it does not have traditional page numbers (like a pdf would have). But contains IDs for every piece of text, illustration etc.
  • Most educators and librarians find it difficult to accept the terms e-book (being a pdf here in Denmark) and even more so to call it a web page.
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    The iBog is a dynamic tool that holds quizzes, videos, podcasts and other xtras. Meaning it can change a lot over time.
  • Is this the right forum to get a hold of a Zotero person who can vauate my proposal?
  • This is the right forum, but at least I'm not at all convinced this needs a new item type -- systematically they really seem to be electronic books, some of which have had interactive elements like videos or quizzes for a long time.

    Note that Zotero doesn't refer to items as ebooks, either. They're just "books" -- some of which are digital in various formats (html, pdf, epub, kindle, etc.), some of which are print. It'd seem to me that "internetbooks" are one type of books and storing them in Zotero as such makes most sense and keeps things simple both in terms of user interface and database structure.
  • Hi Adam. I hear you :) However, to get the interbook acknowledged in Denmark as a tool for education use it would be a great help to be able to meet the educatiors and librarians. :)
  • Based on what you are describing, iBog sounds very much like modern, more useful book in the same way that an online journal article with animations, movies, and links rather than just plain text and images is a modern, more useful journal article. I think they sound fantastic, but iBog still seem to fundamentally be books in the same way that kindle books or printed books are books, especially in terms of how they might be catalogued in databases and rendered in citations.

    So, my recommendation would be to store as a Book item and enter Medium: iBog in Extra. This will get rendered in proper APA style for electronic books.
  • Hello bwiernik - thats usefull. I didnt know of the EXTRA field - or at least I didnt know what its used for. I think thats a good solution. As it shows it a book (an oeuvre) in a digital format :)
  • Extra is generally a field intended for any extra information a user might want to store about an item. You can put multiple pieces of information in it, each on a new line. As a special case, you can store any CSL variable in Extra and it will get picked up for citations. See
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