Snapshot not working

edited February 23, 2021
When I try to save a website to Zotero with a snapshot, it looks like it's working, but it saves a snapshot of the website that asks for my login. For example, when I try to save an article from the New York Times, it says it's saving, and the citation appears in Zotero as normal. But the snapshot only shows the article headline with a login request (even though I was logged in when saving). I'm using Safari, and I know there are connector problems, but it seems to work fine except for this.
  • edited February 23, 2021
    Safari still uses the old version of snapshots, which don't work nearly as well on complicated sites.

    For proper snapshots, you'd want to use the Zotero Connector for Firefox or Chrome for now. The beta Safari App Extension is unlikely to get the new snapshot functionality, so this won't be fixed until Apple fixes WebExtensions support in Safari.
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