Best tool for highlighting webpages

I could not find a Firefox plugin for highlighting versatile enough to handle annotation (highlighting and -- possibly -- commenting) as well as PDF files do. Perhaps, am I asking too much?

Certainly, one of the options would be to convert webpages onto PDF first and then annotate them in the PDF software later, but that would be adding an extra step in my reading/critiquing workflow. If possible, some way that I could further extract webpage annotations onto an item note, just like ZotFile does for PDF files would be perfect for me.

Any input would be very much appreciated!
  • Here is how I highlight web pages *already* stored in my Zotero library :

    1. Within Zotero, locate the file. It will open the directory where the web page is stored and it should select the web page.

    2. Open the file with a WYSIWYG html editor (I use LibreOffice Writer for that).

    3. Highlight the text.

    4. Save the file.

    In my case, LibreOffice Writer sometimes changes web pages layout, but I don't care because I can still identify the content I highlighted.

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  • The Firefox Highlighter+Notes extension mostly works for this.

    Zotero snapshot will save the highlights made with this extension, and if later, you click on Zotero's snapshot, Firefox will read the saved html, and the annotations will reappear. You can modify them, add new highlights, and save again.

    The only catch is that, when saving new edits, you must copy the saved html path, and then run "Save As," and deal with the annoying "overwrite" popup warning.

    There is also a typed text "Note" function, but I wasn't able to get that to work. That's fine with me, though, as I want to put my typed notes somewhere other than inside the web page html.

  • I opened a new thread here to track discussions around the development of webpage annotations and potential current workarounds
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