Feature request: Add annotations for web pages

edited May 4, 2021
The PDF annotation features are in the beta preview are fantastic, and it would be super useful to be able to annotate HTML pages in the same interface.

When I do research, I often find useful material/articles both in the form of PDFs and HTML pages. Although these are technically very different storage formats, they are often similar content-wise (e.g. text article with images) and being able to view and annotate them in the same manner would be advantageous from a user perspective in my opinion.

While there are existing tools such as hypothesis (https://web.hypothes.is/) and memex (https://getmemex.com/) to annotate the web which also work to some extent with local files, it would be great to have a local annotated copy of both HTML page snapshots and their annotations (highlights, comments, notes) instead of relying on an online service. Having that said, I also see value (and potentially saved development time) in hooking into an existing tool, so I think either could work as long as the capabilities for annotations and creating notes are similar within the Zotero interface.

I previously suggested a conversion to PDF as a solution for annotating web pages, but my takeaway from the discussions there are that Zotero is more likely to support HTML annotations directly, so I am opening this thread to track this feature as well as collect tips on current workarounds (previous discussion https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/81185/feature-request-optionally-save-web-pages-as-pdf-and-a-list-of-tools-that-might-help).
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