Is there a plugin for using zotero in Notion?

I use Notion ( for my research. I wonder if there is plugin for using zotero in Notion? Like the zotero plugin for Microsoft Word
  • Would also love this.
  • Agree! Some integration would be helpful. I used Notion for my project mangement, and it would be nice if I could directly quote information in Zotero. Also, I would like to vist the notes of Zotero in Notion.
  • This would be awesome!
  • I will create the plugin. Let's talk about what the integration would look like?

    1. I am thinking a Zotero template page that lists the collections along with the items under each?

    2. What about auto-syncing? Should this be enabled? or manual refresh?

    3. Should the attachments and notes be embedded within the listing in Notion? So work without Zotero or open in Zotero?

    If this gets enough attention here I will develop the plugin.



  • YES! Just began using Notion and I would love to have the notes from Zotero attached to the paper in Notion, instead of having them scattered in Zotero where they have been somewhat forgotten. That way I can easily link my research to sources or inspiration to the original papers.

    Having a Zotero template page with all the collections+items would already be cool, with the noted embedded within each item in Notion. For that, auto-sync would be nice, because then every note you make in Zotero, it goes into its counter-part in Notion.
    The other attachments would perhaps be better to be outside Notion so you would open them in Zotero, otherwise you will have a bunch of files in two different servers and that could cause syncing problems.

    Thank you for stepping in for a possible plugin! I do hope it gets more attention too c:
  • See the following discussion on a plugin for WPS Office Writer:

    Generally, Zotero is very open and integratable. You should contact Notion to build a bridge between Zotero and Notion.
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    +1 I am also using Notion. I would love to use the Zotero managed references in my Notion writeup.

    Also, I have all of my reference PDFs in Dropbox folder that is linked to Zotero. I found this an easy way to locate, manage PDFs across devices and apps.
  • Yes please! I use Notion as well and this would be helpful.
  • @profbos Yes please!

    1. Sounds great.
    2. Auto-syncing would be comfortable but manual is also fine.
    3. I would prefer to open in Zotero, as it is linked to other apps + I already use Zotero to take notes etc.
  • Please read the thread I have linked to.

    Please contact Notion themselves to build an integration.
  • @profbos great! very much looking forward & happy to beta test etc.
  • This would be a amazing! Thank you.

    I would be interested in:
    * integrating the Zotero notes with extracted annotations created with Zotfile with a reading list/page in Notion. A bit like readwise integration with notion. This way I could make a list of papers in notion and see all relevant highlights straight away.

    * creating zotero citations in Notion, but only if it allows me to copy the text into word with the citations intact. Otherwise I am not too bothered.

    Thanks again.
  • Count this as interest :-) I'd love to be able to display Zotero libraries as tables in Notion.
  • Another mark of interest !!
    It would be great if my research notes in Notion can be linked to my articles in my Zotero library, or the other way around !
  • +1!
    This would be soo great to have!
    I would love to be able to link from Notion to references (and/or papers) in Zotero.
    There is a sort of similar service that does this for Roam, but it's not automatic (it requires manually adding to Roam the notes exported from Zotero):
  • +1!

    I would love to be able to type up notes in Notion and cite relevant material. Basically, a similar plugin for Notion that Word has (not sure if this is possible).

  • Folks, the place to request such an integration is at Notion. This would need to happen on their end.
  • I would love to input docx into notion.
    Looking forward to it!
  • It would be so great if Notion integration with Zotero is possible.
    I am really looking forward to your work!
  • You'll have to ask the Notion people. Notion doesn't provide an API to work against, so it's currently simply not possible to do anything on the zotero end to make an integration happen until the Notion people change this.
  • @emilianoeheyns

    Notion currently has API in private beta and will be launching public beta in the new year... hopefully the ability to integrate isn't too far away! :-)
  • I am also super interested for such integration :D
  • I am very interested in this. How can we move it forward?
  • I'm wondering if Zotero being able to create a url for a given entry would be a short term improvement for linking the programs. Between that and ZotFile you could solve some workflow issues.
    Zotero is already saving my PDF highlights made from my PDF reader of choice, which is perfect. Being able to pull the Notes section from Zotero would also be nice, but frankly just being able to embed the Zotero entry would be enough for me. Haven't tried moving my Zotero file to google docs or dropbox yet... maybe would work?
  • You can copy Zotero Select links that will link to the Zotero item using the Zutilo plugin
  • @bwiernik That's true, but how would you use that to integrate Zotero with Notion?
  • My current workflow: I have a database in Notion in which each row is a paper. There is a Multi-tag column where I put the folder hierarchy of Zotero for each paper. For example, "Statistics" → "Bayes" → "Examples". I also have a Text column where I put the PDF file path (I get it from Zotero), so I can copy and paste in Alfred (Mac). Doing that, I manage to quickly open the file, highlight it etc... In Notion, I put my notes for each paper.
  • This would be soo good! I use zotfile to copy the annotation from my pdfs and it would be amazing if these annotions could be displayed in Notion for further note taking.

  • I also looking forward to the Zotero plugin for Notion!
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