Word plugin in track change mode: Field Code Changed

  • It is a long time when I developed macros for MS Office and I do not know if turning on/off track changes can be fully managed by the zotero.dot/dotm template. But if yes, then I think it should be solved by add this code in the Sub ZoteroCommand:
    On the start of Subroutine
    Dim TrackStatus As Boolean
    TrackStatus = ActiveDocument.TrackRevisions
    ActiveDocument.TrackRevisions = False

    And before each Exit sub and before the end of subroutine insert code
    ActiveDocument.TrackRevisions = TrackStatus

    @adomasven, @Simon or @adamsmith am I right?
  • The code that does all the heavy lifting is not written in Visual Basic inside the templates. No timeline, but I have created a ticket a while ago, so expect the change to come eventually.
  • [Using MS Word and Windows 10]

    Is there any word on a fix for this issue? I just started working on my dissertation and have had to completely delete and re-enter my in-text references. The "click twice on the "Accept Changes" option does not work for me. When I do I get the "{ ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"...." paragraphs inserted into my document. A quick search came up with this thread which dates back six years. The solution that worked for me was to turn off Track Changes, click on the edited reference, click on Add/Edit Citation from the Zotero add-in menu, and then press enter to resave the entry. When I've done going through all of them, then I turn Track Changes back on again. I need to keep Tracking on as a requirement of my Chair and SME for their reviews. If anyone else has other work-arounds, I'd be grateful to read them.
  • It’s not clear that your case has anything to do with Track Changes:
  • If you have Track Changes on, in newer versions of Word, it also shows the underlying field code changes. You should indeed accept them for the field codes (which means that you have been editing the citations with track changes on). Another option is to disable track changes while working with Zotero citations.
  • I also have the same problem on a Mac (OS X Mojave) running the latest version of Office 365. Clicking "Accept" twice does NOT fix the problem, and instead results in a block of field codes. I have checked to make sure that I have the view options properly set, and hitting Option-F9 does not fix the problem.
  • Are the field codes highlighted in gray? If you right-click on one, do you see Toggle Field Codes? (As you may know, F9 isn't F9 by default on a Mac — you may need to press Option-Fn-F9.)
  • I had the same issue. - ''The "click twice on the "Accept Changes" option does not work for me. When I do I get the "{ ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"...." paragraphs inserted into my document. ''

    The only thing that works for me is to click and highlight the change, and chose 'Accept this change'.
  • The "click twice on the "Accept Changes" advice is for when the specific change is highlighted. You need to do that for each of the changes/field codes in the document
  • Well I'm in a pickle. I'm going through a book manuscript and accepting changes made by a grad student who edited for me. Most of the time, the double-click trick works. Sometimes it doesn't. Like Huachenwang. Except his solution isn't helping. Anybody got any other ideas?

    And yes, I'm on Word in a new Mac.
  • If the field codes remain visible after accepting changes, right click the citation and choose Toggle Field Codes
  • bwiernik, thank you...that does the trick!
  • This behaviour is absolutely infuriating. I have a 350 page document with hundreds of references and this "accept, accept, right-click to toggle field," nonsense is completely ridiculous. Based on this alone — but also the fact that it takes literally minutes now to add a citation (because apparently the document is too large) — will make me adopt another solution next go around.
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    @wadekelly You can speed up citing in long documents by clicking the Document Preferences button in the Zotero tab in Word and turning off automatic citation updates.

    Regarding tracked changes—you almost never have to right click to hide the field codes. They will hide again automatically after you accept the changes. This is unfortunately just how Word’s Track Changes feature works with Fields—you will see the same behavior with any reference manager or any Word add-in that uses Fields.
  • I need to show my collaborator, what references I have moved, deleted or inserted. How do I track the changes I make to the citations... that is, insert or delete in-text citations? Earlier, I was able to...not any longer. the change simply gets accepted on its own even if I have the Track Change Mode on.
  • That's a change since the earlier post in this thread. To avoid the various issues described, Zotero disables track changes when inserting/changing citations.

    Not much you can do about that other than add a comment in that spot in the text.
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