Dragging from another library to a collection: Move in items that aren't copied

When I drag from one library A to another library B, quite sensibly no duplicates are created in B; the relation data in the database is used to avoid this.

What would be really helpful is if the items that are not duplicated in B (because they already exist in the new library B) could added to the destination collection (if the drag is to a collection).

Any thoughts?
  • That already happens.
  • edited August 18, 2020
    Ah - that's great - very good.

    However, ... at least on Linux, the drag and drop of items isn't always reliable... I don't know why that would affect Linux only, don't know. But I've definitely experienced dragging things across libraries, without items arriving in the target folder... I guess that gave me the (wrong) impression.
  • I have found that drag and drop moving items between libraries bails out with a large number of files. In other words, a small batch transfers just fine, but trying too many files at once results in pretty much nothing happening. This is on a Mac with 2010 hardware. I can't pinpoint the exact number of files that are "too much".
  • Hi @thinkround. Yes, I've experienced that too - have posted to forum here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/84889/dragging-collection-between-libraries#latest - thanks for the comment.
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