Dragging collection between libraries


I've got a problem dragging collections between libraries. Usually it works, but it's somewhat intermittent, perhaps especially with larger collections?

One collection I am unable to copy: D1595055123.

Many thanks!
  • Actually, this also seems to apply to dragging a large number of items. Instead of dragging the collection, I've tried to drag the items (122) between libraries - didn't work. So it's not to do with dragging the collection as such, but dragging the large number of items.
  • Any thoughts on this @dstillman ?
    Many thanks!
  • I believe this was the same bug as your other thread.
  • As with the other thread, this doesn't work either: D2105625786.
    Many thanks!
  • However, while the tar bundle is called Zotero-5.0.91-beta.6+20c8cede4_linux-x86_64.tar.bz, the Zotero version 5.0.89. Is that a mistake with the beta, or am I not using the beta?

    ./zotero-bin --version
    Mozilla Firefox 60.9.0
  • Closing this, since it's the same as the other thread.
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