big files upload error

When trying to upload large mp4-files as attachment, I repeatedly get an error message at the end of the transfer:

ErrorReceived error from Zotero server: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> BadDigestThe Content-MD5 you specified did not match what we received.636208082fa12f0da9729dc8816a6650anzvJtVDggrLF64gF5E2aQ==CC78CB4218DD65D7Q3KS+wjDGHipGzJQseps6QMq/agxKogEWetBTXBLoiTdUC7VWhDlD6+Zgx6kh3I1OnQQb92hFsw=.

The file is 1.1 GB, but is also happened with other files in the range of 0.4 to 1 GB. My line is rather slow (0.5 to 5 Mb/s), so it generally takes tens of minutes to over an hour waiting time until this error message pops up.

Smaller mp4-files load properly. Is there a timeout problem?

Hugo Scheer
  • Are you trying to do this on the website?

    That should work in theory, but you shouldn't be trying to use the web library for something like this. For any significant usage of Zotero, you want to be using the actual desktop app.
  • It works fine with the desktop app, but I wanted the files accessible by the group. As synchronizazion was slow and error prone, I tried direct upload.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by that. The whole point of syncing is…that it syncs. That's the main way you should be adding items and files to a group library.

    There's nothing more "direct" about using the web library. It's just another interface to your online library, but one that's bound by the much more restrictive limitations of what can work on a webpage. Again, this should work, and we can look into why it's not, but it's hardly surprising that trying to upload a 1 GB file on a webpage would fail.

    I don't know what "As synchronizazion was slow and error prone" means, but if you're experiencing some sort of problem using the desktop app, you should report that.
  • Sorry if I am not clear, I am new to zotero. As I see the system, I can rund A: a local version of zotero on my desktop that is accessible to me only, and B: the server/cloud version accessible to the group by the browser interface. Is that correct?

    To make a file accessible to the group, I can either load it locally (A) and then do a sync that transfers it to B, or I can load it directly to B. Both work perfectly with small files, including mp4.

    Transfer A-to-B did not work with larger (1 GB) mp4-files, at least not in a reasonable time (overnight). Direct upload to B gave the error message shown in the first entry.
  • Transfer A-to-B did not work with larger (1 GB) mp4-files, at least not in a reasonable time (overnight).
    That's the part that would require troubleshooting. How many such files are we talking about? Did you get any sort of error message?
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