Adding item type

I need yto be able to add for item type: Catalogue; Instructions, booklet, etc. Why not allow the user to have a window at the bottom of items types allowing them to add item types that are not already presupplied?
  • You can add any non-default information in the Extra field, in the format: Category: Value
    (However, not all styles will be prepared to include all information for all item types.)
  • An exhibition/catalogue type is planned.
  • So where is this field located and how to get to it? Also can one sort or select on this field: Category: Value?
  • And Thanks for responding.
  • I have documents that are type, Sales Brochure, Sales Catalogue, Map, Notebook, Recording, etc.
  • Map, Audio Recording, and Video Recording all already exist as item types.

    Beyond that, let's take a step back. What are Sales Brochure, Sales Catalogue, Notebook? What exactly are those? How are you expecting those to be cited?
  • I see what you mean. Before I request a new Item Type, I need to identify the related attribute fields, and which if any are subject to varying values, and the sorts of values. This'll take some time. So if I'm not going to respond quickly, should I start a new thread, or pick this one up when I am ready?
  • It’s not so complicated I don’t think. What do you mean by Sales Brochure? What field are you in?

    Please keep posting here in this thread.
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