PDF links not opening to specific page (Mac)

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  • New bug with latest beta? I updated the beta today...and since then the URIs open to the first page of the PDF, instead of the link generated from the bookmark. Until yesterday, these did properly "jump" to the page generated in the link for that Book Section.

  • No, there were no recent changes to this, and it still works for me with Preview. This does depend on System Events, so you might want to check System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy → Automation to make sure System Events.app isn't unchecked under Zotero.
  • @dstillman Thank you for reply. I just checked that setting in System Preferences and it is indeed checked.

    The PDF does open (in Preview) when double-clicking the URI link in Zotero; it's just opening at the first page for every link, even though those links should go to the specific section/chapter. This was working fine until yesterday; other than the beta install I can't think of anything else that might have changed to cause this.
  • (P.S. Sorry for not starting new thread for this)
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    P.S. Now this is odd...This feature started working proper again all of a sudden. Now the same Zotero items are opening the PDFs on the proper pages, for the start of the relevant section/chapter. Ghost in the machine?

    Glad it's back to working. Hopefully it will continue on happily from now on...
  • Hello everyone,
    I have the same problem but on Windows (7). If the pdf viewer is not open the link opens perfectly without any problems but if it is open, it just brings the window to the top but doesn't change the page.
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