Rough timeline for iPad app?!

Dear all,
finally I've a nice and working pipeline, at least to sync and read the papers on the iPad, with Papership fetching the papers from my institution WebDAV server. Now the question: do you think it's worth shelling out >10 $/Euro/Pound for Papership, in order to have the full blown app with notations, or is it better to wait a bit more for the announced official Zotero iPad app?
I would just to have a rough timeline, since if I buy Papership today and tomorrow the Zotero app comes out, it would be disappointing ... but if you say it's six months ahead, then 10 Euros would be anyway well invested ...
Thanks and best,
  • The iPad app is not coming out tomorrow.
  • Ok, then I'll happily go for Papership ...
    Thanks, and I hope to get the official Zotero app asap :-)
  • Note that there are reports that syncing no longer works correctly in PaperShip:

    Did you try the new web library? On this website, you can select it from the tab next to Home. (You need to be logged in.)
  • Yes, I had it finally running ... I had to fight a bit but in my case the bottleneck was the linking / renaming of a plugin (Zotfile?) with my own next/ownCloud server. I removed the plugin and reverted back to the standard Zotero way of handling the files. Now it has been working fine for about two weeks, but I need annotations ... being locked in at home I manage to read more :-)
    As said it’s working fine, my library is not too huge but (about 1.5 Gb).
    Looking forward to buy the official Zotero app but ...
    Thanks and best!
  • Re web app, yes I tried and I found it pretty cool ... it works nicely but (obviously) only with the Zotero pdf storage, not with the WebDAV. I honestly was thinking of upgrading my storage to the 2Gb plan, but then I’ve to buy Papership :-( ... I prefer having everything integrated in one app, not app A for the library/reference and app B for reading and annotating PDFs ...
    But sign me in for a beta testing, more than willing ... I had Papers in the past, but then it was not nicely maintained and eventually became unbearably slow. Mendeley I used for a while, but I don’t like Elsevier’s “model“, so to speak, and I didn’t like too much Readcube... In the last years I was mainly Zotero+Preview on the Mac, but now at home I want to use the iPad more ...
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