Advanced (saved) search for Notes

I am trying to filter out for Notes and Child notes in a specific folder.

However, the search pulls some items which have no child note.

I also tried the method suggested in Zotero documentation, but that ignores Child notes. I personally would like to pull child and stand alone notes.

"eate an Advanced Search for “Item Type” “is” “Note” and “Tag” “is” “chapter one”. Save the Advanced Search, then right-click the Saved Search and choose “Generate Report from Saved Search…”. This will create a report including only the notes tagged “chapter one”. "
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    To search for notes and child notes in a collection "C1", try this:
    Match "all" of the following:
    "Collection" "is" "C1"
    "Item Type" "is" "Note"
    Check mark for: "Include parent and child items of matching items"

    Save this advanced search with name "C2".

    If you click on one item in the middle pane and then use "Edit" -> "Select All" (Ctrl/Cmd+A), you will see that both notes, child notes, and parent items of child notes are matched.

    It's more complicated to only match notes and child notes without their parent items. I wouldn't recommend doing this. If you really need it, create a new advanced search:
    Match "all" of the following:
    "Collection" "is" "C2"
    "Item Type" "is" "Note"
    No check mark for: "Include parent and child items of matching items"

    Save this advanced search with name "C3".

    Note that "C1" is a collection, "C2" and "C3" are saved searches.

    Edited: The third line in the second box originally read: "Child Note" "does not contain" "%". This is rather obscure and might be confusing. The line now reads: "Item Type" "is" "Note". See dstillman's comment below for an explanation why this works.
  • There's an easier way to do this:

    - Create one search for [Collection] [is] [C1] with "Include parent and child items of matching items" checked. Save it as C2.

    - Create as second search [Collection] [is] [C2] and [Item Type] [is] [Note] and save it as C3.

    To explain why this works, child items aren't technically members of collections themselves, so when you say [Collection] [is] [C1], you're only matching parent items. By creating an intermediate search with [Collection] [is] [C1] and "Include parent and child items of matching items", you're creating a parent scope that includes child items, and then you can just search for all notes within that scope.

    (We should be able to make this easier in the future.)
  • Hi guys,

    Thanks but I am a little confused with the parameters. What is [C1]?

    I can select "Collection" "is" but in the last part I list list of my collections. I don't know what C1 is
  • We're just using that as the name of the collection you're trying to match.
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