International Criminal Law citations on Juris M

Is there a guidance pack or video tutorial that assists with adding cases etc to the juris m database?

I was told to swap over for legal citations but given no guidance on how to use its extra features. Without guidelines on what to insert it is not very user friendly.

I have looked online and cannot find one that goes into the detail on what information should be inserted into each field.

The citation should look like this. juris m offers lots of fields so I assume these are just called slightly different things on the info section.

case name | (type of document) | case reference | (date)

Footnote and bibliography:
e.g. Prosecutor v Lubanga Dyilo (Judgment) ICC-01/04-01/06 (14 March 2012)

To pinpoint, follow the citation with the paragraph number in square brackets. To pinpoint several paragraphs, insert a dash between the paragraph numbers:
e.g. Prosecutor v Lubanga Dyilo (Judgment) ICC-01/04-01/06 (14 March 2012) [81]-[83]
  • @Ewelch99: Improved documentation for legal citations in Jurism is in development, but I can advise here on your immediate requirements. To that end, a couple of questions:
    • Which jurisdictions are you needing to reference? Is your main need for ICC cases?
    • Are you working in the OSCOLA style (judging from the bracketed paragraph numbers)?
  • edited March 20, 2020
    @Ewelch99: I see from your earlier post that you are in the OSCOLA style, and also require treaties and EU directives (at minimum). To save you time with examples, we can use OSCOLA for reference. If you can indicate which sections of the guide need to be implemented, I can set that up, and provide a library of examples to show how each should be entered in Jurism.
  • Hi Frank,

    Yes I am using the JM OSCOLA style.

    What do you need me to share with you?
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