Renaming Using Zotfile / Wildcard for "Docket Number"


as a lawyer I'd like my case files to be renamed after the "Docket Number". As far as I researched, I couldn't find a "wildcard" for that in Zotfile.

The pdf. should be named: Court_Year_DocketNumber

For Court I can use the wildcard: %w
For Year: %y

Could anyone give me some guidance on that?

Thank you in advance!

  • What do you want it to be for other items besides cases?
  • My other main items are papers / journals.

    For them the standard author, year, title works --> {%a_}{%y_}{%t}
  • This should work.

    Set the renaming format to:

    Then set your user wildcards to:

    "1": { "default": "author",
    "case": "court"},
    "2": { "default": "title",
    "case": "docketNumber"}

    See for more details.
  • This user wildcard might do what you want:
    Set extensions.zotfile.wildcards.user to this value:
    {"1": {"default": "author", "case": "court"}, "2": {"default": "titleFormated", "case": "number"}}
    in the Config Editor and use {%1_}{%y_}{%2} in Zotfile's renaming scheme.
  • @takeiber, @bwiernik: Sorry, I hope a second solution is not unwelcome :-) I see two minor differences in the proposed wildcards. The 'titleFormated' field includes some additional preferences, e.g., for truncating the title ("Additional Settings" in the "Renaming Rules"). The 'number' for docket number is what I got using Zutilo's "Copy item fields" function.
  • That's probably better than mine.
  • @bwiernik @qqbb

    Thank you both for your (very fast!) help!!

    I tried both and both work fine.

    Again, thanks a lot!


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