Feature Request: Book Loan Tracker

I often lend books from my personal library to students. It would be a neat feature to have a folder ("Loans") where I can enter the book title, then have fields for the student's name, date checked out, and a due date. Maybe even a function that could trigger reminders to me and the student?
  • This is almost certainly out of scope for Zotero itself. It would likely be feasible to built an add-on that does this (e.g. by storing&retrieving the information in a relevant attached note), but it would be a fair amount of work
  • A simple solution could be to create a child note for your books with #loan: ABC as the first line. Then create a saved search with name #loan and search condition "Child Note" "contains" #loan. For the search, you could check the box "Include parent and child items of matching items", which would let you see the note's "title" line right away when selecting the saved search.

    If you want to deactivate the loan status, you could either delete the note or just remove the hash symbol # from the note's title. BTW, Zotero's keyboard shortcuts for creating a new note could be useful. (The default is Ctrl+Shift+O, I changed mine to Ctrl+Shift+N, switching N and O in the Preferences.)
  • For this, I use a collection/folder called “Loaned our” and put a note with the person who borrowed the book attached to the item.
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